Autumn in Bukchon Hanok Village 북촌한옥마을, Samcheongdong-gil 삼청동길

Going to Samcheongdong-gil has become a “must” in my every visit to Seoul. There are plentiful cafes, interesting small design shops selling fashion accessories, galleries and small workshops that never fail to amaze me in my every visit. I wrote about Samcheongdong in my earlier post, you can read them at the following link, Samcheongdong.

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This year autumn (2013), we were back in Samcheongdong-gil. This time, we took a very serene walk from Changdeokgung, this very quaint neighborhood. The autumn weather was excellent and here we found many more interesting cafes and beautiful wall murals. What really interesting is, this part of the neighborhood is near to the Hyundai Head Quarter, this is where we found lots of office executives hang around the area during and after lunch enjoying a cuppa in the cafe after a nice lunch.

Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year to enjoy outdoor activities. Even walking in the small alleyways and visiting these local cafes are so enjoyable. Though Samcheongdong has become more touristy over the years, the local has successfully maintained its’ charm. They have made this neighborhood so charming and making us going back every time when in Seoul. Because each time we visit, we found new hidden gem … so, do come and explore yourself and go find your favorite hidden spot in this quaint neighborhood.



a glimpse of the autumn foliage outside Changdeokgung



all the beautiful murals on the wall in this neighborhood are really beautiful ..


just look at the interest signs “Bee&Wine”…  “Sand & Food”… 😉


spotted a little cabbage farm in a backyard of a local residence.. wonder are these for making of kimchii soon..


typical residence backyard in this neighborhood ..


innovative outdoor decoration… 🙂

This neighborhood has become so popular that you wonder how the local residents cope with the crowd. On the other hand, the crowd may have brought in economical growth to this neighborhood. Every trip to this neighborhood there is something new to explore.

Don’t miss out Samcheongdong when in Seoul, but bear in mind to be considerate when you are walking at someone backyard..

See you in Samcheongdong.. 😉

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