South Korea, Busan, Taegeukdo Village, Gamcheon Culture Village 감천문화마을

Taegeukdo Village, Gamcheon 2-dong (Santorini of Korea),  Toseong Station (Line 1) exit 6

Taegeukdo Village (Gamcheon Cultural Village) is one place that you should not miss if you are in Busan.  It has started to become popular recently and has been featured in a Japanese movie by Kimura Takuya and also in some local game show.

This beautiful hilly village was once home to many Korean War refuges during the Korean War and was also once a slum area. After the war, many villages left and abandoned their homes. Since 2009, a public art project was initiated involving the local villages and some artists commenced an art-themed make-over of the village. These arts students and artists decorated the village and some abandoned houses were transformed into tiny art exhibits. Some of these houses are also converted into cafes and restaurants and profits actually go back to the villages. These projects apparently has made the village quite famous. Local villages hate the crowd, however these unique houses in tiers and homes painted in pastel hues continue to attract tourists and visitors to this beautiful village. If you visit the village, please respect and do not disturb local residents..

Look out for colourful wooden arrows and murals on the wall giving directions to the exhibits. Climbing up and down the steep steps and narrow alleyways is no easy job, you just wonder how the local villages doing it everyday.

Getting there is not difficult at all. Take train to Toseong Station, exit 6, turn right and walk up the hill, then take bus No. 2 outside a hospital and alight at the last stop,  Gamjeong Elemantry School.

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Santorini of Korea.


abandoned house, a sad side of the village.  Narrow alleyway, how to squeeze through this if you are fat!!!..


simply fall in love with all these beautiful mural .. so pretty..


they are just so pretty to look at …


arts has no boundary…


We are at someone’s backyard.. do not disturb…


guarding the village rain or shine or even the harsh winter..


We are the guarding angel of this village…neko-chan new found friends…



Wondering around the village, you just wonder how the villages lived in these tiny houses, squeezed through the narrow alleyway.  And how was life back in the olden days..

really have fallen in love with the village and will definitely be back again…

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