Seocheon (서천) – Maryang Port (마량항) – Part 2 (Food)


Exploring fishing village food can be quite a challenge in Korea especially for people like us who don’t converse in Korean.  However, we manage to pull through quite amazingly with very limited vocabulary in hand and mobile apps translation. I am pretty sure anyone who has visited fishing port in any part of Korea will…

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Seocheon (서천) – Maryang Port (마량항)


Maryang Port (마량항)                     For anyone who has been to Korea and tired of going to big cities or  big towns, and looking for quaint, small fishing village, you can consider Maryang Port.   Here, you can enjoy local freshly caught seafood, fresh air from the sea.…

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Renting car in Korea


Public transport in Korea is actually very reliable,  inter-city bus or KTX both are fast, on time and reliable.  However, for those who wants to have a little more adventure, planning to explore the countryside, renting a car is recommended.  It took me a quite a while to research about car rental and driving in Korea.  Here are some…

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Rent portable wi-fi in Korea

Holidaying and sharing of beautiful places and delicious food has become a norm for many. That means, everyone needs to stay connected online anytime and anywhere.  I have previously shared on how to get local SIM when arriving at Incheon Airport.  In my recent trip to Korea, I decided to rent a portable wi-fi, which…

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What to eat in Jeju Island – Black Pork BBQ

black pig

Black pig is only found in Jeju Island. This is a domestic breed pig which is rather small in size with black skin.  But the meat is to die for. It was an unexpected trip to Jeju for me, lucky with a little help from my local friend, managed to get an accommodation pretty near…

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