Drinking in Korea, Part 1

Here is a simple guide to anyone who is going to Korea and looking to enjoy a good drinking session with the locals. 🙂

Korean loves to drink and they enjoy having a drink with co workers, families and friends. The most common alcohol drink that you can find in Korea besides beer, is non other than soju (소주) and makgeolli (rice wine).

Soju (소주) has very high alcohol content, typically at 19%-20%, so don’t get too excited, this drink is very potent and can knock you out completely if you are not careful. 🙂 In my opinion, soju is almost equivalent to Russian vodka …;)

Soju-bottle sojuglass

 Soju itself taste ‘spicy’. My opinion, soju goes very well with BBQ meat. However, if you know you are not as good drinker as the Korean, I will like to suggest you to try “somac”.  Somac is the clever invention of mixing beer and soju …  In fact, I totally fall in love with “somac” and is the best way to enjoy soju.

The word “somac” is the combination of the word soju and maekju (beer in Korean)

IMG_0647  IMG_1510

How do you get “somac”… that’s very easy.. simply mix 3/4 glass of beer with 1 cup of soju, there you have it, “somac”.. this “Korean cocktail” is enjoyed widely by the local and trust me, this is a good combination. The bitterness of beer mixed with spiciness of soju create perfect chemistry for this drink and it actually tastes a little sweet… 🙂

Point to remember when drinking with the locals. Do not pour drink for yourself. Pick up the bottle and pour the drink for your host or the rest of the guests.  In return, they will pour your drink. Hold your cup with both hands to receive the drink. This is the most basic that anyone should know when drinking with the locals.  In fact there are even more rules for the locals, but as foreigners the most basic is this and it is deem rude if you do not pour drinks for others. 🙂

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