Drinking in Korea, Part 2

Besides the common soju (소주), anyone visits  Korea  makgeolli (rice wine in Korean) is the next alcohol drink that you should not miss.

This drink was introduced to me years back and it was known to me as “dong dong ju”… but it has gradually become so popular and now is better known as makgeolli. Anyone will fall in love with the drink, because it is so easy to drink and there are plenty of flavors to choose from. Different region produces different makgeolli from their region local produce.  There are makgeolli with ginseng taste which was quite an acquire taste to me.

This alcohol drink is a mixture of wheat and rice, has milky, off-white colour and taste slightly sweet.  The taste can varies depending on the added ingredients.  Some  have added ginseng, some added other local fruits that gives its acquired taste and specialty of the region.

Alcohol content normally is in the range of 6%-8%, this is way below soju (소주).  This is also one of the reason why, makgeolli is getting so popular these days and is evolving all the time even though this drink is has been around for thousand years in Korea.  In my opinion, besides soju (소주), makgeolli  is the best alcohol representation of Korea.

IMG_1627 IMG_5169 IMG_5170 IMG_5291 IMG_5893

IMG_7921 makgeolli from Jeju with the zesk of the local oranges..this is really nice that I recommend anyone going to Jeju to try …

Food that pairs really well with makgeolli is hard to recommend.  In my most honest opinion, any side dishes goes very well with this excellent drink…. there are even makgeolli bar recent years which serves different type of makgeolli with side dishes.

IMG_5178 IMG_5173 IMG_5171 IMG_5172

So when you are in Korea, please do not miss out this excellent local alcohol and please drink this with the locals…


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