Gwangjang Market, 광장시장

In my numerous trips to Seoul, it never ever crossed my mind to visit this market till this year autumn (2013), finally I make my maiden trip to Gwangjang market. In fact  I went twice during my recent stay in Seoul..:)

Actually Gwangjang Market is a popular tourist destination. In fact many tour operators or individual tourists come here to experience the local dishes. If this is your 1st time in Seoul and wanted to have a good experience of some local food and buy something local and not willing to pay exorbitant price, this is quite a good place to visit. In fact many tour operator or individual tourists flock here to have the local market experience. If you are not in a hurry, I suggest to walk around the market and look at other stores selling home items, or even lots of local produces, you may find your treasures in the market. 🙂 This market is huge, they have section for hanbok (tradition Korean clothing), agriculture & marine products, food, pharmacy, household, fabric, silk etc. There is a section of  tailoring for men's suit only, this is amazing… There is one huge section of the market is for food stores and food carts. The food stores and carts are organized according to the type of food they sell. Amazing, and prices here are inexpensive. The challenge is to squeeze into the tiny bench and between all the strangers, this is the most amazing experience coming to the market.

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How to go Gwangjang Market

In my opinion, Jongno 5-ga (Line 1) station is the best station to get to the market. From the station, exit 9 / 10 is the nearest exit to food section, is actually the North gate 2 of the market.

Or Eljiru 4-ga (Line 2,5), which is the west gate 2 of the market, but the exit from this station is further away from the food store & carts.

map of Gwangjang Market, most people go there for the food …including tourists..



local market is the heart of the community, therefore visiting a local market is the best way to understand the country, the history, the society and the people. 🙂




traditional wedding gift, they are so beautifully packed and arranged… really colourful and pretty.. I am sure getting married in Korea needs lots of attention in making the future in-laws happy.. 🙂



a section of dry food .. lots of sun dried fish, shrimps, anchovies.. really want to buy everything from this market and cook up a meal .. 🙂


this is the MUST try dish in autumn, seasoned raw crab. The crab taste the best during autumn and this is best autumn dish I have ever tried in my life..

this is baby crab, seasoned with chilly.. this goes so well with beer or soju, make perfect side dishes.. 😉



lots of varieties of kimchii selections.. if you want to pack these onboard on plane, never pack them on glass container unless you want to try your luck.. packed them on normal plastic bag and wrapped them really tight and avoid putting them with your clothes unless you are able to take the fermented smell of kimchii linger on your clothes.. 🙂



don't be shy sitting next to strangers here.. 🙂 just squeeze in and make your orders to the stall owners..



a must try mung bean (bindaetteok)  pancake at the market, surprisingly they are not as oily as it look….


do try the noodle and dumplings, the dumplings are huge comparing to those back home. ..They are really delicious, the hot soup really warm up your body on cold days.. 🙂


if you are more daring, do try the more exotic dishes … 🙂

there are many local markets in Seoul however, Gwangjang market is unusual for its wide selections of items.. it is almost like a one stop shopping for everything you need down to wide selections of food items that you can buy and cook up a feast at home. Food stores and carts owner however seems to be fighting for customers. Amazingly most carts and food stores are managed by women..I found out some are actually from China seeking better life in Seoul...

Anyone who want to experience local dishes at local price, come to Gwangjang market and you will have a hearty meal at a very reasonable price.. enjoy feasting.. 🙂


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