Holiday in South Korea, get the local prepaid SIM card

It has become so important to holiday makers to stay connected with family and friends back home via SNS.  Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other form of instant SNS to share holiday whereabout.

In Korea, you can also purchase a local prepaid SIM card that comes with data plan, and this is only for foreign travelers. This has only been made available in the very recent year.

In the recent trip, we decided to buy the local SIM card to try. Our verdict, not too bad but sometimes we prefer the free wi-fi which could be faster. However, with the local line, we can make calls without having to look for a public phones, or receive calls from local friends.

Firstly, if you are using iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s, please bring an older phone if you have. Our recent trip, autumn 2013, the telco company do not have nano SIM card for iPhone 5. Fortunately, I have my old iPhone 4.

Where to buy?

Airport, arrival hall. Or other convenient stores in the city. However, it is very convenient to get it at the arrival hall upon your arrival rather than hunt for the convenient stores in the city selling these prepaid SIM card.

We bought the SIM card from GS25, at the airport arrival hall. And we bought EG SIM(Evergreen Mobile). They have W30,000, W50,000 depend on your usage. You have to show your passport to the staff at the convenient store and they will make you fill in a form with your name, passport detail and length of stay in the country. They will also take a photo of your passport as a record. Be patience when making the purchase because you are going to squeeze with many other travelers also buying the prepaid card.

The SIM card comes with a very handy manual and step by step guide to set up the phone. Take your time to set up the line.

How to keep track usage and top-up?

1. Download the Apps from Market or App Store. I downloaded and install the apps before arriving, save me quit a lot of time actually.

2. The apps is easy to use and have 4 different languages, Korea, English, Chinese and Japanese;

3. You can check the balance of your plan and top-up by using your credit card, local prepaid cards.

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Once the line is set up correctly and connected, you will be able to use the line almost immediately.

Stay connected while on holiday.. 😉

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