Korean fried chicken & beer 치맥 (chimac)

No one can stop talking about how much they like about Korean fried chicken especially those who have tried.

So, when in Korea, besides going for your usual Korean BBQ or the usual gingseng chicken soup, please try the local fried chicken. In my earlier article, I wrote about a chain store call Two Two Chicken that do delivery to almost every part of Seoul.  In this article, I want to share another fried chicken place that I think their fried chicken concept is cool, the interior deco is casual but chill and the menu selection is plentiful.

This place that I am recommending is Chir Chir, another a local chain store that serves really yummy fried chicken.


This place that I went was in Gwangju, and it seems to be very popular among the young working adults or university students.

IMG_5913 IMG_5914

IMG_5915 IMG_5918

The food menu is extensive and their serving is very generous. Don’t forget, fried chicken goes very well with chilled beer.  Check out their beer mug, the logo of the cartoony chicken printed on the mug making you want to go for 2nd serving .. >_<

IMG_5920 IMG_5923

So thoughtful, they provide proper “tools” for customer to enjoy the fried chicken without dirtying your hands…how nice….:)

The interior of the restaurant is very causal and making everyone feels very at ease when walked in.

IMG_5921 IMG_5924

IMG_5925 IMG_5930

check out the toilet signage…..;)

They have outlets in Seoul, Hongdae area. Do go and try this Korean fried chicken and beer … Chimac

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