Onsen(温泉), how to enjoy onsen

For anyone who has never tried onsen, most important thing that everyone has to take note is to keep track  the time you stay in the hot bath.  Most onsen, there will be a wall clock, make sure you keep a look out the time you have spent inside the hot bath.  Trust me, you do not want to “over stay” in onsen.  Mind you, my experience of staying too long in the onsen was not a pleasant one.. 🙂

How to enjoy onsen

1. After cleaning yourself at the shower area.  Get into the onsen slowly. This allows your body to adjust to the hot water, usually is appx 40degree and above. You can start sitting at the edge, then slowly move your body into the hot water. You can slowly submerge to your neck.

2. Most onsen provides a small towel.  You can place the towel at the side of the onsen, or place above your head.

3. For 1st timer, do keep your track of your time inside the onsen. DO NOT stay too long in onsen. 20 minutes will be good. If you starts to feel giddy, slowly get out of the onsen. Go to the shower area and soak your leg in cold tap water.  This will help to reduce giddiness. Stop going back to the onsen if you still feel unwell eg giddy.

4. when you are done, do not shower. Dry yourself with your towel, blow dry your hair. This is because onsen contain minerals which is good for the skin and body and has healing effect.  Shower will remove these minerals and reduce the healing effect.

5. Most important, do not litter in the onsen drying area. Make sure you clear all your belongings and do not dirty the common area.

6. Can you drink alcohol during onsen? Some people do, it all depend on individual. Because during onsen, the hot spring water increase your blood circulation in your body. Therefore, if you have a strong heart, you can have some drink, moderate.. not alot. 🙂

Drying and cleaning area 

drying area before and after onsen..this place is always very clean.









Locker area / shelves to keep personal belongings

locker area 1

shelves with basket to keep belongings 










locker area

shelves with basket to keep personal belongings









Indoor Onsen

indoor onsen 3








indoor onsen 2








indoor onsen 1







Outdoor onsen

outdoor onsen 4 outdoor onsen 3 outdoor onsen 2 outdoor onsen1


excellent view of Mt Fuji with a private outdoor onsen.. the view is completely out of this world …

Normally, after onsen, your body feels light. If you have a tired shoulder, after onsen all the stiffness on the shoulder will go away. And trust me, you will sleep like a baby after a good onsen.

Do try onsen when you are in Japan, highly recommended to anyone. 🙂


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