Korean fried chicken & beer 치맥 (chimac)

No one can stop talking about how much they like about Korean fried chicken especially those who have tried. So, when in Korea, besides going for your usual Korean BBQ or the usual gingseng chicken soup, please try the local fried chicken. In my earlier article, I wrote about a chain store call Two Two…

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Travel in Korea – KTX (Korea Train Express)


Korea high speed train or commonly known as KTX  (Korea Train Express). It is very similar to Japan bullet train (shinkansen) or France TGV. Surprisingly, the train fare is very reasonable. It does not cost you a bomb to take the high speed train. Comparing the fare you pay for shinkansen or TGV, Korea high…

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Travel in Korea – Intercity & Express bus

In my most honest opinion, the best way to see a country is to take the local transport, just like the locals.  In Korea, taking the local express intercity bus is actually pretty efficient and is the best way to see the country from a different perspective.  Unless you are on tight schedule, the local…

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Popular Fried Chicken in Korea

There is one food that I must have every time when I am in Korea. That is non other than Korean fried chicken with beer. The local call it chimac (치맥 ), which is chicken + beer. In fact, you can try any fried chicken store and they are simply delicious. One of my favorite…

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Onsen(温泉), how to enjoy onsen

For anyone who has never tried onsen, most important thing that everyone has to take note is to keep track  the time you stay in the hot bath.  Most onsen, there will be a wall clock, make sure you keep a look out the time you have spent inside the hot bath.  Trust me, you…

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