Rent portable wi-fi in Korea

Delete-Wi-Fi-Network-Profiles-W8.1-1Holidaying and sharing of beautiful places and delicious food has become a norm for many. That means, everyone needs to stay connected online anytime and anywhere.  I have previously shared on how to get local SIM when arriving at Incheon Airport.  In my recent trip to Korea, I decided to rent a portable wi-fi, which is more cost effective because the portable wi-fi allow connection of up to 5 devices.

Actually, renting of portable wi-fi is very easy, everything is done online and paid via Paypal / credit card.  Most rental companies charge US$ if you reserve online.  The fees include basic rental of the device and deposit.  The deposit will be refunded after you have returned the device and in my case, I received the refund within the next day after returning the device.

Collect device from Incheon Airport

If you want hassle free and get yourself instantly connected the moment you arrive at Incheon Airport, you can rent from Pocket Wifi Korea.  When making reservation, you need to provide your flight detail on date and time of arrival and for departure.  Their collection counter is at Departure Hall, it is an open counter table which is among the local tour group gather.  Don’t be panic, just head to the counter M and the friendly people from Pocket Wifi Korea will be there.  Just give them your name and they will pass you the device.  There are many other portable wifi rental companies in the area in the same area,  just make sure you go to the correct one.  They will check your name and hand you the device and short explanation on how to get the device connect to your phone.  Make sure you check the device is working before leaving the airport.  The device comes with the cable for charging and simple instruction manual.  Returning is equally simple, go back to the same counter and the people from the company will have a record of your name, just hand over the device to them, sign off your name on their record, simple as that.

The rent per day is reasonable at USD$5.25/day for the LTE  device where the speed is up to 100Mbps. Data plan is at 1GB/day.  If you are not travelling out of Seoul, they have a cheaper plan, US$3.95/day.

pocket wifi korea







Verdict – 2 thumbs up 

After using the device for 10days, where I connected 4 devices at one time and using Goggle Map most of the time during my driving from Seoul to the South, connection was perfect without a drop in signal.  The speed was fast and connection was perfect even when we were caught in very heavy rain while on the road.  Can’t complaint at all.

Another similar rental company offering similar services is WiFi Korea.  They also offers direct pick up from their office at Insadong (Anguk Station exit 6).  However, they charge US$5 for delivery for pick up in airport and to hotel.  And their price is slightly higher than Pocket Wifi Korea.

Portable wifi vis-a-vis SIM

Choosing between SIM card and rental of portable wi-fi, I will definitely go for portable wi-fi especially when you need to connect several devices at the same time, this can be more cost effective than buying a local SIM card.

Happy connecting…


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