S.Korea, Busan 부산, Haedong Yonggunsa Temple해동 용궁사

Haedong Yonngunsa Temple, Haeundae Station, transfer Bus NO. 181. Alternatively which is recommended, take a cab from the station, it takes about 10-15mins and does not cost much.

The temple is the only temple that was built by the sea on coastal rock overlooking the sea. Unlike those temples built in the mountains in other parts of the Korea.  This temple is relatively small, but the view is exceptional. Over looking the sea, the sounds of the waves seems to have some calming effect, completely different from temples built in the mountain.

Read more about the history of the temple at their official site

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple




the 12 chinese zodiac… the 12 animals  guarding the entrance of the temple..go look for your zodiac …

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there you have, big Buddha statue accompanied by very cute small Buddha figurings.. they are everywhere..

Actually the sound of the wave next to the quiet temple is very therapeutic and calm you down … 🙂

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