S.Korea, Gongju, 공주

Gongju, located south of Chungcheong province, once the capital of Baekjie Kingdom in AD 475. Takes about 2.5hr from Seoul by intercity express bus.

Gongju is a relatively small town. The Gonju National Museum, Tomb of King Muryeong and Gongsanseong fortress are worth visiting while in Gongju.  Gongsanseong fortress is just across the Intercity & Express Bus Terminal, just walk and cross the bridge over Geun River and you will reach the fortress.  This fortress is appx 2.6km, much smaller than Suwon Hwaseong Fortress which is 5.7km.

The express bus terminal is a very small and quiet terminal. It was winter when we visited Gonju and the town felt quieter than we thought. This is not a popular tourist town, therefore, you don’t see many tourists. In fact you will bump into more locals than tourists. Fortunately the places to visit are near the terminal, such as the fortress, so we don’t have much problem wondering in this small town especially we don’t speak Korean. This is also a town that you can make a day trip from Seoul, but make sure you depart from Seoul early so that you can fully enjoy the walk at the fortress and visit the Gongju Songsan-ri Tomb and take the evening bus back to Seoul.

history of Gongju is dated all the way back to the Baekjie Dynasty….


Gongsanseong fortress, this is smaller than Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, but is worth taking a walk.

you get this close to the tombs of all the kings… is just amazing…

the “gate” to Gongju… 🙂

Gongju is not so much of a tourist town, it is also not mentioned much in most guide book. However, a local tourist guide recommended us to visit this town and we never regretted making this trip. The small town feels so serene and the history behind this town is just mind blowing. This is a town recommended to people who want to be away from the usual recommended cities by guidebooks.

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