Gwangju 광주, Boseong 보성, Boseong Daehan Dawon

Boseong is the home of green tea in the S.Korea. Here you can visit green tea plantation at Boseong Daehan Dawon.

In Korea, green tea is only grown in the southern provinces and Boseong green tea plantation supply for over 40% of the country’s green tea. Do visit the green tea plantation if you are in the southern part of the peninsula.

Getting to Boseong from Gwangju

As a tourist who don’t drive, we have to fully rely on local buses. Fortunately local buses are efficient. They are punctual and comfortable. We were in Gwangju and our trip to Boseong depart from Gwangju Gwangcheong Bus Terminal which is also connected to U-Square. From Gwangcheong Bus Terminal, you can buy the bus ticket to Boseong. There are buses going to Boseong hourly, so there is no need to make advance reservation. The bus terminal is huge and the ticketing counter is located at a corner of the terminal. They do have self-serviced machine selling tickets as well.

The bus to Boseong takes about 1hr, and from the bus terminal, to take another local bus to the green tea plantation. You can buy the bus ticket from the ticket counter from Boseong bus terminal. Just tell the ticket counter staff that you are going to the tea-plantation, if you don’t speak Korean, you can write the word 차밭 (cha bat) and show the ticket counter staff.  Boseong Daehan Dawon is famous in Boseong, therefore local will know if you say you want to go tea plantaion.

The bus that bring you to the tea plantation actually does not go to the tea plantation, so you have to tell the driver you are going to the tea plantation, and he will made the stop for you.


Gwangcheong Bus Terminal in Gwangju city is quite a huge bus terminal. Information of the buses are on the screen on each bus platform. The bus ticket will show the time and gate number.

 Ticket to Boseong from Gwangju cost W8,400 per person per trip, journey appx 1hr.


typical local bus, which normally will show the destination at the front of the bus screen. These bus are very comfortable and locals commute on such buses for inter-town or inter-cities.


Ticket from Boseong terminal to the tea plantation is W1,200 per person per trip. Get the ticket from the ticket counter from inside of the bus terminal. Check the next bus from the time-table which is displayed on the waiting area outside the terminal.


alight at the bus-stop next to the high-way, you will see a huge open carpark field. Not to worry, just follow the road and walk up the slope to the entrance of the tea-plantation.


get your ticket from the ticket office and entrance to the tea plantation is at the side of the ticket office.


beautiful tea plantation terrain and beautiful autumn weather ..



such beautiful tea flower..



walking in tea plantation is amazingly serene. Try go up to the top of the hill and look down, the view is exceptionally beautiful especially on a good weather.  We arrived in the mid afternoon where the sun is coming off so perfect for photo taking.

we finished off by having a nice green tea ice-cream which is so perfect for the day…

To go back to Boseong bus terminal, do not take the bus from the bus stop you alighted. Go across to the opposite of the road to take the same bus back to the terminal.

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