S.Korea, Namiseom Island 남이섬

Namiseom Island, Chuncheon

This tiny island is a perfect for 1-day get away from Seoul. The island was developed into a resort town after the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam. Trees were carefully planted to created a beautiful tree-line path perfect for photo taking. Rent a bicycle and ride round the island is perfect to burnt off some calories and enjoy the beautiful sites of the island. Apparently many dramas and movies had chosen the island as part of the setting for its beautiful scenery.

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There are many ways to come to Namiseom. Check out the following link for several ways to get to Namiseom. 

Transport to Namiseon Island




trees area planted and lined carefully creating beautiful walking path …everywhere is so serene and peaceful.  In winter, the place looks exceptionally romantic when everywhere is covered with snow.

Please come to the island and enjoy the beautiful nature, make it a 1-day get away from the city.. you will not regret…



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