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Seoul Palaces are Changdeokgung Palace, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, Changyeonggung Palace, Jongmyo Shrine

Seoul, a city of more than 10 million population, the capital of S.Korea. The capital is the heart of the country economy, you can feel the vibrancy of the city 24hrs. The city is fully wired and wi-fi is commonly available in most cafes and public areas. It is the most IT advanced city and country where they are almost in the lead in almost anything.

Being as one of Asia powerhouse, the city has been the country capital since 1392 following the establishment of the Joseon dynasty. Therefore, this city has 5 palaces that survived over the years and visiting one of these 5 palaces is almost a must when in Seoul.

Changdeokgung Palace, Anguk Station (Line 3, Exit 3) (next to Hyundai HQ)

Originally constructed between 1405 and 1412.  The most worth visiting palace among the other 4 palaces. Try not to miss this palace when in Seoul. This is the only palace that has to be guided by special guide, so be sure you check the guided tour time based on different languages. The tour are conducted in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese at different time slot. Recommend to visit the one that comes with the secrete garden, takes appx 90 min for the entire tour. The palace is listed in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1997.


Donhwamun, main gate of Changdeokgung.


Injeongmun, an audience chamber for national ceremony and events.


Injeonjeong, civil officials lined up according to their rank during their ceremony or events. Just imagine a grand ceremony with all officials lining up according to their rank back in those olden days…


the secrete garden..Buyongji Pond, a square pond represent the earth, round islet represent the heaven. Apparently is winter, the pond is frozen…

walking within the palace with a huge forest within the palace is amazing.. almost like instantly you went back to history by stepping into the palace, all the noise pollution disappear instantly and the air instantly become crisp and fresh…

Deoksugung Palace, City Hall Station (Line 1), exit 12.

Located right at the downtown, this palace is surrounded by all modern buildings. Come and take a look at the changing of the royal guards ceremony happening daily except Monday, 11:00, 14:00 and 15.30. The changing ceremony happens just outside the main gate. You will not miss it.

feels nostalgic with modern building surrounding the palace, next standing an old palace. However, the side walk along the palace wall is beautiful. Try take a stroll along the palace wall if the weather is good…

 Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gyeongbokong Station (Line 3), exit 5

This palace was originally the principle royal residence until it was destroyed in 1592 during the war with Japan. The palace was not destroyed by the Japanese.  Angry people those days were angered by the fact that the king and aristocrats abandoned Seoul when Japanese invaded the country, they burned down the palace. It was left abandoned for 300 years before it was rebuild in 1868 by father of King Gojong. In the palace, there is National Palace Museum displayed artifacts during Joseon period. Another museum inside the palace is National Folk Museum, if you are keen to know more about the daily life of Joseon time, do visit the museum.

the most beautiful part of the palace is the Geyonghoeru Pavilion stand above the pond ..

Changgyeonggung & Jongmyo Palace,  Hyehwa Station (Line 4),  Exit 4

Both are connected, but after going to other 3 palaces, these 2 become a bore. Except that the palace is quite serene just to walk around with lesser crowd surround you.

neko-chan is exhausted after visiting all palaces… anyone who does not have the luxury of time, neko-chan recommend to visit Changdeokgung Palace and Gyeongbokgung Palace.

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