S.Korea, Seoul, Samcheong-dong, Buchon Hanok Village

Seoul, Samcheng-dong, Anguk Station (Line 3), exit 1

This is one beautiful part of Seoul that will simply take your breathe away. This hilly neighborhood is a hidden gem and is next to Changdeokgung and Gyeongbokgung. Within this neighborhood, you will visit the beautiful Bukchon Hanok Village, this is a residential area and within the residents, there are cafes, art galleries, designer shops, restaurants and offices. Many of these are restored hanok houses (traditional korean houses).

Coming to the village is not difficult, best time to visit the village is before noon and best is to travel by foot because some part of the village is narrow with small alleys. There are plenty of cafes and small eateries that local patronizes, do visit one of these cafes to enjoy a good cuppa.


respect the residents, keep your voice low.. they hate the crowd…


go look for photo spot of the neighborhood.. the view from the photo spot is excellent..neko-chan went hunting for the photo spots…happy..


serene neighbouhood.. neko-chan falls in love with the peaceful neighborhood…


lots of galleries, workshops .. they are just amazing…neko-chan cannot decide which one to visit.. everyone looks interesting..


coffee.. tiny cafe either sit in or coffee to go…excellent… anyone can have their caffein fixed in any of these cafes..


workshops, retail shops…how can you complaint about this neighborhood…


modern architecture vs local street arts..they just blend in perfect..


history live in present…

neko-chan had a great time walking through the village, enjoying history and modern architecture, all in one place…how wonderful..

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