S.Korea, Suwon,수원

Suwon, Suwon Station, appx 1hr by subway Line 1. 

Suwon is located south of Seoul and is a perfect for 1-day trip from Seoul.  It is only 1hr by subway. When you are out of the train station, pop into the Tourist Information Centre located right next to the subway. You can get some information on how to get to the fortress.  The city is easy to move around. I suggest to try take the local bus to get around to different locations, it is not difficult at all.

Suwon is a city popular for its Hwaseong fortress, built by King Jeongjo during 1794 and 1796 and it is designated as one of the World Heritage site. The fortress is the city main attraction, hike along the fortress takes approximate 2-3hours. The fortress wall is 5.7km, construction was launched by King Jeongjo to express his filial piety for his father and to strengthen his royal authority in his 18th year of reign.  While hiking round the fortress wall, look out for the command posts, fire-beacons, observation towers. Some view points offers strategic view of the city.

Explore a Korean Folk Village if you have never been to one.  There is one beautiful folk village with a collection of thatched and tiled traditional Korean houses.


start your hike up to the fortress here .. never underestimate these steps.. is more challenging than you can imagine..



as you climb, city view of Suwon comes to sight.. beautiful…


West gate of Hwaseong Fortress



Hwahongmun is the North Gate of Hwaseong Fortress, cuts across Suwon river (left).


Bongdon, to set fire or smoke to convey urgent information.


Long live the King…

neko-chan enjoys the hike on the fortress.. the city has been and will be protected by the fortress for as long as it can..

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