Seocheon (서천) – Maryang Port (마량항) – Part 2 (Food)


Exploring fishing village food can be quite a challenge in Korea especially for people like us who don’t converse in Korean.  However, we manage to pull through quite amazingly with very limited vocabulary in hand and mobile apps translation.

I am pretty sure anyone who has visited fishing port in any part of Korea will agree that you get the freshest seafood in a small fishing town, no where else.  In Maryang port, we stayed almost to the end of the port where there are rows of seafood restaurants serving very fresh daily caught seafood.  For anyone who are not into raw fish, we recommend steam fish, which to our surprise mind blowing delicious. This was actually recommended by the staff in the restaurant when we told them we don’t want raw fish.

Steam sea bass


     thumb_IMG_0940_1024     thumb_IMG_0897_1024

2 steam sea bass that was mind blowing delicious…

Side dishes


plenty of fresh side dishes, mainly raw seafood … live octopus is the centre of attraction among all the side dishes… we were told eating live octopus helps to provide good radiant skin… 🙂

thumb_IMG_0893_1024 thumb_IMG_0890_1024 thumb_IMG_0885_1024

thumb_IMG_0960_1024 would you dare to take a bite on this wriggling live octopus … 🙂

Personal experience eating live octopus.. it is actually juicy and towards the end, it became sweet.


can’t get anymore local than going to this seafood restaurant.. patronise by the local only…


A very typical interior of a restaurant…


check out the price.. can’t get anymore cheaper comparing the freshness of the seafood…


serviced standard is tip-top by 2 friendly locals… we don’t need Michelin star grading here…










Verdict : Excellent…

Having tried raw fish in most big cities and coming to a small fishing town and experience a whole new level of fresh seafood prepared by the freshest ingredients.. we are set to look for more local and authentic food that can’t be found anywhere else…

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