Seoul Forest 서울숲

Seoul Forest is a huge eco-friendly park with 5 parks within the compound. This was our first time visiting Seoul Forest mainly because our many visits to Seoul were always during winter and this is our first time experiencing autumn in Korea and we wanted to see lots of autumn foliage before they were gone.

Actually, it is pretty easy to get to Seoul Forest, just take the subway to Seoul Forest Station (Bandang Line), exit 3. This is a relatively new station. Once you exit from the station, just walk straight up about 5 minutes and you will see a Seoul Forest sign. Continue up, you will see a huge open carpark and past the carpark,  you are at the entrance of the Seoul Forest.

It was early November 2013 when we were at Seoul Forest. We want to see more autumn foliage and the weather was perfect for picnic. When we were there, we saw lots of families, friends, couples enjoying walking and picnic in the park. Many are actually enjoying the beautiful autumn weather and watching the beautiful foliage. In fact, they have bicycle renting facilities where visitors can rent bicycle and ride round the park.

Seoul Forest is definitely a great place to visit during autumn and spring, but I am not sure about winter. Winter in Seoul can get really cold.  So when you are in Seoul and wanting to have a quiet moment but do not have the time to go to the nearby national park, Seoul Forest is the closest to get away. Spend a couple of hours in the park is rather therapeutic.  When you walk further into the park, you will come to Hangang River and you can enjoy a beautiful river view.  Well for us, we only stay within the Cultural Art Park area, which is enough for us to relax and be with the mother nature on a good autumn weather.

When you see this, you know you are on the right track..:)


map showing part of the park… looking at the map, definitely need 1 full day exploring this park.. 🙂










We have been to other national parks in Korea, but when in Seoul, Seoul Forest is a mini national park within the city.

This is recommended if you really wanted to have fresh air and not wanting to travel too far out of Seoul. Enjoy… 😉

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