Seoul, Insa-dong 인사동

Anyone visit Seoul will visit Insa-dong. If you are not with any tour group, suggest you spend some time here walking through the small alleys to find interesting treasures especially if you want to buy nice souvenirs or local handicrafts. But be prepared to pay slightly more. I personally think you can find similar items in Gwangjang Market at a cheaper price. In fact, is pretty nice to visit one of the tea houses in Insa-dong. They are quite nice to spend a good late afternoon and rest your tired feet and people watch. 🙂

How to get to Insa-dong?

Anguk Station, Line 3, exit 6. If you are traveling on your own, we recommend you to go to Changdeokgung, followed by Bukchon Hanok Village and Insadong because these 3 places are within Anguk Station vicinity.

Personally, there is one place that I will like to recommend if you are in Insa-dong. It is call Ssamziegil complex. This interesting architecture complex is almost the hidden gem of Insa-dong. Why interesting? Well, the building is constructed based on spiral concept, the staircase is located at the side, almost hidden.  Shoppers slowly move up the slope while shopping, and all the shops are on one side of the building. Because is on gentle slope, you realize your speed of shopping slows down and you almost go through every single shops along the way up the slope. This ingenious design make shoppers slowly pave up slope and will never miss any of the shops along the way. This is a clever architecture design. Also there are tiny kiosk alongside selling interesting handicrafts and accessories.  I am sure you can find something that you will like from this place. Also, for tourists, there is a tax refund counter at the entrance, bring all the receipts from all the different shops from the complex and do a tax refund claim. Do remember to bring you passport along. If the shop assistant did not give you a receipt, do ask for it, they can print one for you.

In the recent trip to Insa-dong, this ice-cream shop caught our attention and we just want to try. Probably this is one of the reason why Insa-dong is never boring even I have been there many times. Each visit, you will find something new and interesting yet the familiar faces are still there.



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