Seoul, N’Seoul Tower

N'Seoul Tower looks the best during the night. The tower is located in Namsan Park, is actually a very beautiful park right in the heart of Seoul city centre.

For those of you who are not into walking in the park or have very little time to spare in Seoul, my suggestion is to go to N'Seoul Tower for its beautiful city night view. The Tower is 236.7m high and because is built on the mountain, the view from above is magnificent.

The tower is beautiful lighted and can be seen from afar. Best to view all these is during sunset where the view of the city slowly lighted when the night fall.

How to get to N'Seoul Tower

If you have purchased the Seoul City Tower night course, they actually stop in N'Seoul Tower as one of their stop. There are several other local buses that goes to N'Seoul Tower, do check out the many ways of going to the park on the website at N Seoul Tower.


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