South Korea, Busan, Jagalchi Fish Market

Jagalchi Fish Market, Jagalchi Station (Line 1), exit toward Sindonga Market

Korea largest fish market popular among tourists and locals for its plentiful of seafood selections.  This place is seafood lover paradise, so never leave this place without having a nice seafood meal especially raw fish. Eating raw fish in Korea is completely a different experience comparing to having your Japanese sashimi.



not uncommon to see elderly woman on street corners selling variety of seafood.  This makes the market unique and attractive.

How can you not try the raw fish when you are in Busan and in Jagalchi Fish Market.  One thing you must do in Jagalchi Fish Market is to indulge in a raw fish meal that serves up plentiful of side dishes and raw fish from the fish you picked and finish off with a big serving of fish-head spicy soup at end of the meal.  It is a hearty raw fish meal definitely worth trying and it won’t cost you a bomb.  Almost every restaurant offering the similar raw fish specialty.  The only dislike is the shop owners touting for customers which can be quite annoying.. so just choose one that you feel more comfortable and try..


A wide selections of fish, placed your order, next come your table will be filled with many side dishes.. start on the side dishes before the raw fish is served..


more side dishes and you can always asked for refill!!! In Korea, no meal can go without soju and beer.. this is truly heaven..


wrapped the raw fish with vegetables with garlic, kimchii, chilli paste and indulge.. this is heaven…


no food is wasted… the fish head was made into a spicy fish soup ..  the final dish on the menu…

Very hearty meal and feeling satisfied knowing not a single part of the fish is wasted in preparing the dish…

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