South Korea,Gyeongju, Bulguksa Temple

Bulguksa Temple, take bus No 10 or 11 from Gyeongju Station, appx 30mins. 

Bulguksa Temple (Temple of the Buddha Land). The temple is one of the Korea best known temple for its testimony to the skill of Silla architects and the Buddhism faith during that time. The temple is in the Unesco World Heritage List. The temple was originally known as Hwaeom Bulguksa Temple or Beopryusa Temple and was built in 535 and further enlarged in 752.  Through those years, different Kings had contributed in building the temple. The temple went through several restoration and reconstruction,  the final completion was by King Hye-Gong (765-780).  After the completion, the temple name was changed to Bulguksa Temple. Over the years, the temple under went numerous renovations and was burnt down during the Japanese Invasion, 1592-1598.  The temple was partially reconstructed during the Japanese occupation of Korea (1910-1945) and it was fully restored under President Park Chung-hee (1961-1979). Though the temple has gone through many reconstructions, the stone bridges, stairways and pagodas are original. In 1995, the temple was listed in UNESCO World Heritage List.

When visiting the temple, look out for its excellence carpentry, especially the interior woodwork and the eaves of the roofs. Amazing architecture from the Silla dynasty.


entrance to the temple…the stairs is 45 degree with 33 steps, 33 stages to enlightenment…



touching the golden pig brings you good luck and good health.. build a mini pagoda for blessing ..



Female pagoda (left) , Male pagoda (right).. strangely, male pagoda looks nicer ..



look at Buddha face through this tiny opening.. detailing architecture during Silla dynasty.

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There you have it, do not miss this beautiful temple when you are in Gyeongju to appreciate the advanced Silla architecture.



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