survive in Korea not knowing Korean

Many people have asked me this question “can we travel to korea without speaking Korean?”. 🙂

My answer is always “Yes, of course because I survive my every trip to Korea for many years without speaking the language.” 🙂

Of course, the basics greetings will be helpful to get by when walked into a restaurant or convenient store, understanding the number counting will be easier for making payment.

Personal opinion, holiday is more then just visiting the recommended destinations, it is the process getting from one destination to another and most important to get to know the locals. In my opinion, the challenges are making communicating with the locals using sign languages because not everyone in this world speaks English. However the satisfaction kicks in when you manage to place the right order in the restaurant, or even you made a new friend with the local. 🙂

With the invention of Smart phone and introduction of apps, recent trips to Korea has been so easy.  Because there are apps that do translation and here are 2 that are really easy to use. The only set back is you have to have internet connection to use these apps because they cannot be use off-line.  Not to worry, if you buy a local prepaid SIM card with data line, you can use these translation apps instantly.

1. Google Translate

2. Genie Talk. This is developed by a Koran company which does voice recognition in the translation. This apps has been improving since it was launched about a year ago.







Personal choice is Google Translate apps because you can set different languages and the latest update has handwritten recongnistion to do the translation. Excellent invention.

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