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In my most honest opinion, the best way to see a country is to take the local transport, just like the locals.  In Korea, taking the local express intercity bus is actually pretty efficient and is the best way to see the country from a different perspective.  Unless you are on tight schedule, the local express intercity bus offers a good alternative transportation at very affordable price to explore other part of the country outside Seoul.  Also, amazingly they are very clean and efficient.

Express and Intercity Bus

Seoul Express Bus Terminal

Seoul Express Bus Terminal

Seoul Express Bus Terminal is one of  the largest intercity bus terminal and this is also located above the subway line Express Bus Terminal.  This subway station is an interchange between subway Line 2, 3, 7 and 9. There are other smaller intercity bus terminal located in other part of Seoul.  Therefore, you have to check carefully and go to the correct bus terminal. You do not want to go the wrong bus terminal and get disappointed.. 🙂  For bus timetable, you may check from KOBUS.

Do take note there are some buses to some small towns do not have express services.  So, it is good that you do a bit of homework before departure.

In Korea, Express bus is called Gosok (고속),  if is just normal intercity, they call Sioe (시외). For me, I normally choose express bus commuting between towns and cities. These express buses normally go by the major highway / motorway and make couple of rest stop for toilet and stretching.

In Korea, people continue to commute between cities via intercity & express bus because it is affordable and reliable.  They are clean and punctual.  If you are going to explore smaller cities which may not be accessible by train, I suggest taking the intercity bus.  I have always been taking the intercity & express bus and have no complaint.

The longest intercity bus that I have taken was from Gyeongju to Seoul, which takes appx 5hrs, it was a very pleasant one.  They made couple of rest stop along the highway and I kind of enjoyed checking out these highway rest stop…

Usually before boarding the bus, I will grab some local gimbap (rice wrap pedwith seaweed) and freshly baked walnut cakes as a snack from the bus terminal as breakfast and lunch.

typical intercity bus terminal bus berth..

typical intercity bus terminal bus berth..


very comfortable express bus

very comfortable and clean intercity express bus










freshly baked local walnut cake.. you can buy in most highway rest stop ..;)

freshly baked local walnut cake.. you can buy in most highway rest stop ..;)











delicious gimbap, you can get them almost anywhere.. packed them for your long bus journey to keep your energy going.. :)











I have taken many intercity express bus trips to different part of Korea.  In my opinion, taking these intercity express buses is enjoyable and they are reliable.  In fact most bus terminal in the smaller cities /towns are located inside the town centre. Therefore, it kind of make it easier for travelers to alight in the town centre where most motels and hotels are located.  Also,  in some cities, train terminals are built far away from the town centre and it is rather inconvenient.

Here is the website where you can actually check and book your bus ticket. KOBUS.  However, there are many buses commuting from cities to cities, region to region, it is perfectly OK to buy your ticket at the bus terminal because departing time usually is half hour or the most 1hr difference.

You can read more about Intercity & Express bus here.

Happy travelling.. 🙂


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